The 2020 edition: our 29th!

24-29 August 2020

Courses | Plenaries | Networking activities|Poster presentations

At the SSPH+ Lugano Summer School public health professionals, researchers and graduate students learn together through mutual exchange in a stimulating and beautiful environment. The SSPH+ Lugano Summer School places health, disease, and health systems thinking under one common framework of coherent concepts and practical implications. The focus on public health policy, economics and management combined with the diversity of students and facilitators has provided for a rich learning environment for over 2 decades so far. The insights gained and networks created serve as an opportunity to reduce and prevent the gap between public health theory and practice.

We have two pricing structures; one for participants from low and middle income countries and another for those from  high income countries. All can benefit from early bird rates. Discounts are available for those enrolling in two courses and for SSPH+ students.

For the third year in a row, we will once again hold a poster session where participants share their work with others. The 2018 edition displayed 39 posters from 18 countries and the 2019 edition included 55 posters from across the world. For this year, we again invite all participants to submit a poster of their work or of a specific project. This is not a requirement, but we know it is a nice way to exchange projects, research, and activities among participants and faculty.
Each day several printed posters will be hung for all to view at their leisure and during the morning social events.
Submission deadline: June 15, 2020, to


Twelve 3-day courses from 24-29 August

3 day course = 1 ECTS or 18.5 credits from SPHD

The courses of the SSPH+ Lugano Summer School are acknowledged by SPHD. Swiss Public Health Doctors. (Schweizerische Gesellschaft der Fachärztinnen und -ärzte für Prävention und Public Health) as an advanced training. Each 3 day course is awarded 18.5 credits by SPHD.

To earn credit, participants must attend both courses & plenaries and pass the final assessment.


3 Day Courses: Monday-Wednesday

24-26 August

3 Day Courses: Thursday – Saturday

27-29 August


9-10:30 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

Four mornings start with plenary sessions in the auditorium.  These consist of experts who discuss a pressing topic in public health today.

Attendance is required for participants and facilitators.

These plenaries are open to the public.


Monday: "SSPH+ turns 15! A look at our past, shaping the future. SSPH+ and the Lugano Summer School"

Welcome and moderator: Prof. L. Suzanne Suggs, PhD. Dean SSPH+ LSS; Vice-President, SSPH+, Professor of Social Marketing, USI. (CH)


Tuesday: "Systems analytics and health policy, economics, & management decisions. Data-driven decision making, made easy."

Moderator: TBD,


  • Prof. Jo-An Atkinson, Associate Professor and Managing Director Computer Simulation & Advanced Research Technologies (CSART) Ltd. (AUSTRALIA
  • Prof. Dr. Ante Prodan, Senior Lecturer In Computational Epidemiology, Computing & ICT, Western Sydney University
Thursday: The Design of Health Care Environments – Examples of Evidence-Based Design

Moderator: Prof. Nino Künzli, MD, PhD, Director Swiss School of Public Health and Deputy Director and Head of Department (SSPH+), Swiss TPH (CH)


  • Minou Afzali
  • Arne Scheuermann

The fields of design, architecture and communication are all playing an evermore important role in the healthcare sector. If we are to attain a comprehensive understanding of “health”, we need processes, tools, and infrastructures to enable us to utilise these fields actively and to cater for the special needs of people in the healthcare sector.

Evidence-based design takes psychological, social and physical aspects into account when designing healthcare facilities. This reduces patient stress, promotes well-being and supports the healing process. In addition, relatives and employees of healthcare facilities also benefit from such an environment.

In this plenary, participants will gain an insight into evidence-based design in the healthcare sector. In the first part, members of the interdisciplinary working group Health Care Communication Design (HCCD) of the Bern University of Applied Sciences BFH and the newly founded Swiss Center for Design and Helath, will provide participants with some theoretical background. In the second part of their presentation, they use concrete examples to show what effects design measures can have in the context of healthcare. This will be followed by an open discussion.

Friday: "Creating demand for public health goods and services: A focus on nutrition"

Moderator: L. Suzanne Suggs


  • Dr Rowena Merritt, Senior Advisor on Consumer Insights and Social Marketing, Sight & Life
  • Mrs Kalpana Beesabathuni, Global Lead, Technology and Entrepreneurship, Sight and Life
  • Breda Gavin-Smith, Global Public Health Nutrition Manager, Sight and Life

Networking events

Each morning particpants meet over coffee and healthy snacks in a covered space where posters of projects from around the globe are also displayed. On Monday and Thursday evenings cultural events at the lake offer exciting opportunities to exchange knowledge and experiences, bulid networks, and enjoy the sights in Lugano.


Every morning: 10:30-11:00

Poster sessions along with coffee & healthy snacks in our covered outdoor space

Monday: 18:30

Special event at the Lugano Arts and Culture center (LAC) to celebrate 15 years of collaboration with SSPH+ and the Summer School. Apero starts at 18:30. Presentation @ 19:00. Dinner follows.

Friday: 19:00

Networking event at the Lugano Lido. Join us in a spectacular location for an evening discussions and exchange over dinner, drinks and music.