Social Marketing

24-29 August

at the 29th edition of the SSPH+ Lugano Summer School

Summer School courses in Social Marketing

In addition to the existing curriculum of public health courses, the ESMA leads, coordinates and/or endorses courses about social marketing, methods used, or specific techniques. These courses are designed for practitioners, researchers, graduate students, and policy influencers and are open to all participants, regardless of their level of familiarity with social marketing.



3 Day Course: Monday-Wednesday

3 Day Course: Monday – Wednesday

3 Day Course: Thursday – Saturday

Creating demand for nutritious foods and better public health goods and services: A systems and consumer centered approach

Yana Manyuk | Kalpana Beesabathuni | Breda Gavin-Smith | L. Suzanne Suggs

3 Day Course: Thursday – Saturday

Networking events

Each morning particpants meet over coffee and healthy snacks in a covered space where posters of projects from around the globe are also displayed. On Monday and Thursday evenings cultural events at the lake offer exciting opportunities to exchange knowledge and experiences, bulid networks, and enjoy the sights in Lugano.


Every morning: 10:30-11:00

Coffee & Snacks in the outdoor space

Monday: 18:30

Social event

Thursday: 18:30

Social event