Meet the Teaching Faculty

of the Lugano Summer School 2020

tba teaching faculty / living in +8 countries / working in +5 international organizations and +12 universities

Julie Huibregsten

Social Marketing

ESMA board member

Emiliano Albanese

Università della Svizzera italiana, Faculty of Biomedical Sciences (CH)

Jeff French

Prof. of Social Marketing
Strategic Social Marketing &
ESMA board member


Yana Manyuk

Social Marketing Specialist, Sight & Life

Kaspar Wyss

Professor and Head of Department of Swiss Centre for International Development at the SwissTPH (CH)

L. Suzanne Suggs

Professor of Social Marketing, USI

Vice President,  SSPH+ (CH)


ESMA board member

Benedetto Saraceno

Director, Lisbon Institute of Global Mental Health, NOVA University, Lisbon (PT)

Breda Gavin-Smith

Global Public Health Nutrition Manager, Sight and Life

Pascal Bovet

Professor, University Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine, Lausanne (CH)

Kalpana Beesabathuni

  Global Lead, Technology and Entrepreneurship, Sight and Life

Andrew Street

Professor of Health Economics, London School of Economics (UK)