course ID: 2020_cMHad

Public Mental Health: Keeping people mentally healthy


Promoting mental health has become increasingly important in the field of public health. This course focusses on academic knowledge combined with practical projects on four subjects:

  • Promotion of mental health through positive psychology and mind body medicine.
  • The impact of campaigns on knowledge and behaviour on promoting mental health in Switzerland.
  • How do our neighbours go about promoting their mental health?
  • The influence of good practice mental health programmes on the Swiss population.


The transfer of expertise (scientifical methods and data combined with good practice examples) sharing the learnings and experience and enable exchange between both areas.

Pedagogical method:

Presentations, discussions in groups with use of liberating structure methods.

Assessment procedure:

Essay one page.

Annette Hitz

Project Manager at Netzwerk Psychische Gesundheit Schweiz (NPG)

Fabienne Amstad

Head of Program Development at the foundation Gesundheitsförderung Schweiz (Leiterin Programmentwicklung Gesundheitsförderung Schweiz)

Lisa Wagner

Post-Doctoral Research Associate, Developmental Psychology at the University of Zurich

Claudia Witt

Direktorin Institut für komplementäre und integrative Medizin Universitätsspital Zürich