course ID: 2020_cDG

Generating Demand for better public health goods and services: A systems and consumer centered approach

This course is sponsored by Sight and Life. Scholarships are available.


The SDG’s, the changes in systems thinking towards consumer environments and the growing realization that information based approaches do not work efficiently in changing health and health-related behavior – mean we need a new training agenda. The 3-day course will focus on the following topic areas:

  1. Using behavioral science and consumer insights to create demand for better public health goods and services.
  2. Why should you and how do you follow a social marketing approach?
  3. Designing consumer centric, sustainable business models
  4. Why putting on your business hat is important when thinking of improving nutrition and PH goods and services at scale?
  5. Leveraging private-public engagement for consumer centered health outcomes
  6. With what opportunities and challenges and how to manage them?

Examples will be used throughout the course that come from high, middle, and low-income countries regarding a variety of topics including nutrition, immunization, WASH, screening services, and more.


At the end of the course, participants will:

  • Be familiar with the concepts, methods and applications of social marketing for demand generation in nutrition and other areas of public health;
  • Be able to define and describe evidence-based methods for generating demand for nutrition and public health goods and services;
  • Know how to design consumer centric programs and business models to maximize effects;
  • Be able establish and to discuss important issues related to public private partnerships in trying to reach public health goals.

Preparatory work requied:

Preparatory work before the course including recommended readings and a short assignment. (~1-5 hours)

Pedagogical methods

The course will consist of interactive lessons, lectures and experiential learning activities.

Dr Rowena Merritt

Senior Advisor on Consumer Insights and Social Marketing, Sight & Life

Mrs Kalpana Beesabathuni

Global Lead, Technology and Entrepreneurship, Sight and Life

Breda Gavin-Smith

Global Public Health Nutrition Manager, Sight and Life

Puja Peyden Tshering

Consumer Insight Specialist,  Sight and Life